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13 places in "Architectural Heritage"

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  • Križanke

    Trg francoske revolucije 1, 1000 Ljubljana
    The Križanke Outdoor Theatre is a theatre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, used for summer festivals set up inside the courtyard of…
  • Basilica of Mary the Helper

    Brezje 72, 4243 Brezje
    Brezje with the Basilica of Mary the Helper, being the main shrine to  Mary in Slovenia, is a place of…
  • Klavže – Water Barrages on the Idrijca

    Idrijska Bela, 5280 Idrija
    The Klavže barrages are water dams behind which the water has accumulated. With the help of the Klavže barrages the…
  • St. George’s Cathedral

    Adamičeva ulica, 6330 Piran
    Above the compact town centre reigns St. George's Cathedral, which gives the city its special character. It was probably built…
  • Walls of Piran

    6330 Piran
    The Walls of Piran are the city walls of Piran, a coastal town on the Adriatic Sea in southwestern Slovenia.…
  • Solkan Bridge

    Solkan, 5000 Nova Gorica
    The Solkan Bridge is a 219.7-metre (721 ft) arch bridge over the Soča River near Nova Gorica in western Slovenia (by…
  • Praetorian Palace

    Titov trg 3, 6000 Koper
    The Praetorian Palace is a 15th-century Venetian Gothic palace in the city of Koper, in southwest Slovenia. Located on the…
  • The Land of Hayracks

    8232 Šentrupert
    The Land of Hayracks is the first open-air museum of hayracks. It consists of 19 different drying structures originating from…
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